Facility Improvement Updates

Facility Improvements

The Pea Ridge School District has performed the following upgrades:

  • New roof systems at Pea Ridge Junior High and Pea Ridge Intermediate
  • New HVAC systems with dedicated fresh air at Pea Ridge Junior High and Pea Ridge Intermediate
  • Improved indoor air quality with bipolar ionization at Pea Ridge Junior High and Pea Ridge Intermediate
  • HVAC automation upgrades throughout the district
  • Internal and external LED lighting upgrades throughout the district
  • Water conservation improvements throughout the district
  • Building envelope improvements throughout the district
  • Power factor correction at Pea Ridge Junior High 

How was this funded?

The district was approved for Warm/Safe/Dry Partnership Funding and utilized $4,618,653 to pay for 62% of the projects. 

The remaining balance of $2,815,538 or 38% of the projects was funded by a second lien bond that will be paid through guaranteed energy savings. The savings generated annually by the district as a result of this project allowed for the improvements to be budget-neutral. The roof, HVAC, and led lighting replacements along with the water conservation upgrades lowered the district’s annual utility bills to cover the cost of the bond payment. These savings are guaranteed.

A Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) is a budget-neutral approach to make building improvements that reduce energy, natural gas, and water usage and increase operational efficiency. The district used an ESPC to pay for today’s facility upgrades with tomorrow’s energy savings without tapping into capital budgets. 

The savings are guaranteed. If the district does not realize the guaranteed savings annually, the Energy Savings Company will pay the difference to ensure it is budget-neutral.

Superintendent, Keith Martin, provides an improvement update overview

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